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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 FACT DIMENSION DIMENSION DIMENSION DIMENSION DIMENSION DIFFERENT SCHEMAS STAR SCHEMA: FACT:In dimensional design the measurements are called facts. The Fact tables contains the data which corresponds to a particular business process. Each row in the fact table represents a single event whichis associated with that process.The fact table consists of numeric data and are additive, semi-additive or non-additive. DIMENSION:The context descriptions is called as dimensionThe Dimension tables describes about the objects which are involved in a business intelligence process. The dimensions corresponds to people, items, or other objects.It contains details of each instance of objects. STAR SCHEMA:In star schema each dimension is represented by one dimension table. The dimension table is linked to a fact table. So all the dimension tables in a star schema are linked to one fact table. The dimension tables will be prefixed with Dim and the fact tables are prefixed with Fact. ADVANTAGES OF STAR SCHEMA:They provide directive and intuitive mapping between business entities which are being analyzed.These are mostly supported by large number of business intelligence tools.They provide highly optimized performance for star queries. FACT DIM DIM DIM DIM DIM DIM DIM SNOWFLAKE SCHEMA: The snowflake schema is slightly different from star schema. In snowflake schema the dimensions are represented by more than one dimension table i.e. it requiresmultiple dimension tables for defining a dimension. But all the dimension tables are not related to fact table but some of the dimensions will be related to other dimensions.The dimensions which are related to other dimension tables are normalized and these are commonly used withadvanced query tools.Advantages:Snowflake schema requires less disk storage and joins lookup tables easily.It offers flexibility for interrelationships between components and dimension levels.These are easy to maintain because of less redundancy.Improves the query performance. FACT CONSTELLATION SCHEMA: FACT DIM DIM FACT DIM Fact constellation schema has multiple fact tables. This schema is viewed as collection of star schema therefore it is also called galaxy schema.Multiple fact tables share dimension tables.Advantages:These is used for aggregate fact tables.The business events can be modeled more accurately using many fact tables. Sources:Fact constellation schema architecture. (2006-2014). Retrieved February 23, 2015 from (n.d.). Retrieved February 23, 2015 from
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