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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 What is childabuse. Lets face the fact 1. most children who faced child abuse and neglect are 58% likely to be arrested as juveniles. CHILD ABUSEBy the amazing Luka Bevilacqua In the world there are all types of child abuse which is neglect, physical, psychological, emotional and sexual abuse. Child abuse is when a child is involved of a despicable act from an adult The child is traumatize and sent away from the parents They can happen at home, school and communities that children interact with. babies 2 and under get injured or die from baby shaking a baby The most common abuse is neglect which means there is a problem in the family Other abuse's are child trafficking, child labor, child marrige and voilence against children acussed of witchcraft Almost 7 million American infants receive child care services such as day care and much of that care is poor There might be a chance of the child lifespan shortening if health is bad Most children respectively 33%, 42%. 18% and 43% reported having one abuse treatment 1) help and encourage the child to talk and think about the abuse/neglect withoutembarrassment or significant anxiety2) help the child to modulate and express feelings about the abuse3) reduce the intensity and frequency of behavioral and emotional symptoms4) clarify and change distorted, inaccurate, or unhealthy thinking patterns thatmight negatively affect the childs view of self and others5) help the child develop healthier attachments6) strengthen the childs coping skills
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