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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Milk $3.29Bread $1.98Butter $2.69Meat $2.89/lb Population then680,845Population in 2014739,482Average unemployment rate then17.9%Unemployment in 20142.7% Milk 10 centsBread 9 centsButter 28 centsMeat 10 cents/lb Then Now North Dakota A Long Way From Chicago Written by Richard Peck Published in 1998 -Joey,9 years old, is the narrator of the book.He lives in Chicago to visit his Grandma. -Mary Alice, younger sister of joey, 7 years old,she loves the trips to their Grandma's house. She grows closer to her every trip.-Grandma Dowdel, at first she seems very lively,and she claims not to care about her town but towards the end Mary Alice and joey start seeing her soft side. By Kaitlyn Burbank Period 4b. Characters & Plot -Joey and Mary Alice travel to their Grandma's house seven times through out the book. Each time they see their grandma in a new light. Them e Family is a big theme of this book. With all the trips they maketo their Grandmother's house, they all grow closer as a family. Settin g A Long Way From Chicago takes place during the Great Depression in the 1930s over a seven year period. International Peace Garden Started in 1934Finished in 1941Agency- CCC Did You Know? -Shotgun Cheatham was considered a war hero--Alvin York, 1918-More immigrants moved to California -Crime rates during this time were on a rise-Since buttons were expensive so zippers were used-Another name for dust bowl was the black blizzard
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