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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Throw rugs might be the biggestculprit to falls. They have a tendencyto bunch up and its easy to trip overthem. The best option is to not usethem at all. IF you have a rug that is dear to your heart than try to keep it in an area that is not used very often. 2) Clutter 1) Throw Rugs We have a tendency to enjoy getting stuff out but not putting it away.This ends up creating clutter on the floor. Its best just to keep things clean and tidy and you wont have to worry about tripping over it. Staircases can be a huge problem for older adults because the surface is not level. When a staircase is too steep you may not have the strength to make it to the top because steeper stairs work the muscles more. This is also the reason staircases that are too long cause problems. The muscles get fatigued and cause a fall to occur. 3) Stairs 4) Poor Lighting How could we get around if we didnt have light? When we keep our homes dimly lit it increases the likelihood that you may trip over something that we didnt see. Keeping it too bright is also a problem because it may create a glare. A general rule is to keep the home lit well but not overly lit. 5) Pets can be a major hazard because they tend to lay in prime walking areas. They like to be the center of attention so this is one reason why they do it. Often times, they become tripping hazards. Im certainly not telling you to get rid of your animals. Though it is important to be aware of this so you can not be caught off guard when you find them right underneath your feet. 6) Unstable Chairsor Tables Your favorite chair or sofa might not be this dilapidated but it still may be a fall hazard. When chairs or sofas dont have sturdy arms or backrests they can easily cause you to fall. Make sure that any chair or sofa you sit in has adequate support. 7) Extension Cords Have any of you done this? Leaving cords out in the middle of a hallway is very dangerous. You can trip right over it and fall to the ground. Make sure that cords stay close to the wall. 10) Cracks in Side Walk 8) Toilet Seat Toilet seats that are too low can be major hazards for falls. Typically, the legs start to atrophy when they get older and lose their strength. When its time to get back up from using the toilet, sometimes the legs give out and you fall. Its very important to have grab bars along the wall next to the toilet. You can grab these bars to help propel you up. Another good option is to use a booster seat. This is a type of seat that sits on top of your current toilet seat. Its a great safety precaution because you dont need to squat down as low. 9) Sloping Driveway Any type of uneven surface can cause a problem. Driveways cause lots of problems because of the slope. There is not much preventative measure that you can take here except for being aware of the issue and being extra careful. Cracks in sidewalks or pathways leading to and from your house can cause problems. Again, not much you can do here but be aware that they exist and that its important to be extra careful.The biggest preventative for any of these environmental hazards or fall risks is to be extra careful. Sometimes the biggest preventative to falling is awareness of your surroundings. Take things slow. Theres no need to rush. If you change your current surroundings and be extra careful you will experience far fewer falls.
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