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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Elie TiptonMr. BuckertGen. Chem.17 December 2014 ~The physical properties the material must have ductility, and malleability.~Other desirable physical properties are being light in weight, and strong. ~The chemical property that is needed is a thin layer of oxide to protect the metal from the attack by air.~The other chemical property is that it would burn in oxygen to form trioxide, and aluminum oxide, Al2O3~The beast material would be metal because it can be changed into a liquid and be molded to make the suit.~I would check on military websites, the federal website, and the company who is held responsible for this product.~I would search other websites that may show the same information and see if they can prove the their statements.~Aluminum(Al), which is the most important element, and I chose this element because there's more information thatsaid about this element. The Powered Exoskeleton Suit ~Aluminum, It's a Post-transition metal.~Titanium. No, because some of the others can make good strong hold, or have good use for other things that Aluminum can't handle. ~Go to a official website of a factories that's making Aluminum.~Elementally "Metal" are very abundant.~I can find my product in Asia(Japan), and North America(United States of America)~It's form is solid.~You can get Aluminum through digging, or drilling.~It's taken into a Metaral Plant. Then 3 other material is added, they are Aluminum Oxide, electricity and carbon.~It's processed by electricity run between a negative cathode and a positive anode,both made of carbon. The anode reacts with Oxygen in the Aluminum, and formsCO2 [Electrical energy].~The form the material transported for further processing is liquid(Aluminum).~3 important uses for the material are house hold, transportation, and packaging.~Transportation is a good use for Aluminum because it's light weight and can be curved in various shapes ~The demands for the material is has come to it's met for Aluminum ~Reused: You can make a belt, you can wash aluminum foil, and re-use it~Reduce: No, it's not ~Recycle: Yes, cement, beverage cans, and dish washers~Rethink: You can recycle the old suits and use it for the new ones.~Aluminum is not renewable.~Electrical energy is renewable, and depends on the what's making the energy.~Aluminum is not sustainable because it takes up a huge amount of energy.Making Aluminum is causing green house gas emissions, it also tribute to acid rain.
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