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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 children and Your children, Your responsibility, Their future Family responsibility laws- adult children must care for elderly parents Paternity Emancipation Parents are legally responsible for their children. The most basic responsibility of a parent is to support their minor children Parents have a right and civil duty to discipline their children Health Parents have the legal duty to protect and supervise a child's health Paternity suit: mother forces father to admit he is father and pay child support Sexual abuse in children has increased dramatically over the last few years. The abuser is usually someone the child knows and trusts so... protect your children The bond between parents and children is a special one. the child leaves the custody of his/her parents and becomes self supportive Parents All children have a right to free public education through 12th grade. A child who misses school without justification will be considered a truant. Parents can be held accountable for their childs truancy The parents are forced to provide food, clothing, shelter,education, and medical care Honor Pledge:Our group did notcopy from someoneelse. No one can be forced to marry against his/her will;however, when a child is involved, the law forces the parents to care for the child, regardless of the relationship. Parents may choose whats best for their children as long as they neglect or abuse the child
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