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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Sound Of English الأصوات الإنجليزية علم الأصوات الكلامية Phonology phonemics phonetics chapter .2 الحروف الصوتية sound patterns in English (phonemes) DefinitionIs not one specific sound ,but it is like the common denominators of all realisations of a specific sound. التعريف Important There are no two languag have same set of distinct sound or phonemes. sounds are different pronounce.e.g :" p" pronounced in different - pin :with alot of breath .-spin :has qualities with " b"-nip :as if it followed by a short vowel. sound different in vowel soundthey refer to distinct object.e.g: Pin - Pendifferent word , different things مهم Language Make Use Of Consonants Of English Vowel Of English In English Establishing the phonemes of language is bymean minimalparis. Is two words that different only in one soundbut different meaninge.g:Pan - BanIs differ in meaning Are they distinct phonemes In Arabic? explain? No , when we use it we got same meaning so It doesn't distinct phonemsin Arrabic The consonants of British and American English are essentially the same and have 24 distinct consonants can be distinguished by means of minimal pairs. A list such as:pie - Tie - buy - guy allows to isolate the followingconsonants phonemes:/p/ , /b/ ,/t/ , /d/ , /g/ , /f/ , /v/ , /I/ , /m/ , /n//s/ , /v/ , /h/ , /õ/ , /Ɵ/ A list such as :chin - sin- win - gin - win add: /ʧ/ , /d3/ , /w/simmer - sinner - singerprovide : /ŋ/ rice , rise isolate:/z/ laper - letter -give /3/ The remaining three phonemes by three sets car - bar -provide by /k/ bard - card reveak / u/ . This actually shows twenty-five symbols but both UK and US speakers use only twenty-four WHY ?? The difference is in prounouncation of (r) many speakers of English use a different ( r) sound There are distinct symbols for thses sound , but since the sounds are not used used to distinguish meaning Rhotic Accents Non-Rhotic Accents Speakers who do pronounce the (r) Speakers who don't pronounce the (r) monophthongs diphthongs /i/ = see , weep/I/ = city . /= egg./ æ/= add. /=far./ɒ/ = card./ᴐ/=all./ʊ/=to./u/=ooze./ʌ/= bud./ɜ/= err. /=mother. there is no tongue movementduring the production of thevowel sound . أنماط الصوت في الإنجليزية since these vowel sounds canbe used to distinguish many words . e.g : Din -Den are different phonemes. /ei/= day./oʊ/=go./ai/=fight./aʊ/=now./ᴐi/=boy.thses five are UK &US English/iə/=beer./ɛə/=air./ʊə/=moor. الحروف الساكنة الحروف المتحركة ( العلة In Arabic Consonant clusters group of consonants without any vowel between them Initial postion Final position CCCV = SplashCCV = Play VCC = depthVCCC = factsVCCCC = thousandths الصوتيات الثلاثة المتبقية في ثلاث مواضع مجموعة الحروف الساكنة الموقف المبدأي الموقف النهائي النبرات Stress Is the relative emphasis that may be given to sertain syllables "permit " is first syllable In noun Per'mit is second syllable in verb Amjad Saad Aldosari 432006213Maram Essa Alotaibi432007735SECTION :4E4
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