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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Chapter 13 Section 3"Southern Cotton Kingdom" Content Vocabulary: Academic Vocabulary: Key People: Consequence:result or effect of.Process:prepare. Eli Whitney:invented the cotton gin and she made cotton production speed up.William Gregg:South Carolina merchant and opened up his own textile factory.Joseph Reid Anderson:took over the Tredegar Iron Works and became the nationsleading iron producer. Cotton Gin:a machine that removed seeds from cotton fiber.Capital:money for investment. 7 facts 1. Eli Whitney transformed cotton production with the cotton gin.2. The south was a underdeveloped agricultural region in 1790.3. Most southerners lived near or along the Atlantic Ocean.4. The inland south was known as Deep South.5. Slavery grew stronger as the economy in the south thrived.6. The economy's in Deep South and upper south had developed in different ways by 1860.7. The value of enslaved people increased because they were the key role in producing cotton and sugar. 7 facts 1. The economy in the south became different than the north.2. The south produced a small percentage of the nations manufacturing value by 1860.3. The industry developed slowly in the south because of the boom in cotton sales and they had lack of capital.4. Cotton was one of the more profitable agricultural resource.5. The south need to raise money to build factories.6. Some southerners didn't want industry.7. The south was depending on the north too much.
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