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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Our way of working in CEE Et Right after the meeting with the customer one post on Chatter makes everyone updated. One click in SFDC and I know exactly where my team is. Thanks to visual management I have a full visibility of all running tenders. One look at the commcell and it is all clear. Gemba walks accelerate x-functional problem solving. Standardized process requires much less attention. Now I can focus on being creative and effective. Before the LEAN BASIC training I was fire-fighting master, now I plan slowly to act quickly. My Team doesn't comewith the problems anymore. They come with the solutions! Digital@Scale Instead of collecting sales data we speak about how to move things forward. I can easily trackthe effects of my campaign. I know what's working and what's not. We can faster identify the products that shouldbe offered by the retailersbut they are not. We make the productsavailable for the consumers as they should be. Key Account Manager, LI Now I understand my customers' pains much more. My offer is better tailored. Account Manager, HC, Indirect Channel Manager, HC Marketer, LI Segment Leader, LI Digital Trade Marketing Manager, CEE LEAN Order Desk Manager, CL District Manager, HC Daily Stand-up Meeting makes my problems visible and solved faster. Sales Back Office Team, HC Sector Leader Product Manager, LI Marketing Manager, CL Segment Leader, LI SFDC Sales Academy BUSINESS TRANSFORMATION TEAM has changed over the last 2 years! M2O ExcellenceProgram Business Transformation 2015 I have all the opportunity informationin one place any time! SFDC Together with you we are going to continue the journey as a 2013
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