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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 CELL PHONE RADIATION IN THE BRAIN How to prevent Radiation in the Brain You can prevent radiation from affecting your brain by talking for a shorterperiod of time, and by using the speakerphone. The main cause for these brainproblems is that when the phone is close to your head, the radiation it givesoff affects the tissues in your head. Radiation Health Problems Cell phones may cause few health risks because of the radiation it gives off.The health risks are cancer, brain tumors, alzheimers, parkinsons, fatigue, and headaches. Cell phones do not always produce the same amounts of radiation all the time.They give off different amounts of radiation when you are talkingor listening, the type of cell phone, and the number of phones nearby.Cell phones are somewhat affected by the body because cell phonesare radioactive. Non-ionizing Radiation information on radiation and how to prevent radition- Author: Ornes, on radio waves affecting metabolism in your brain- Author: Jon Hamilton website: of cell phone tower- Publication- Cyber Universeimage of risks ahead sign- EnerG Safety Consulting Ltd. image of skeleton with radiation in brain- CBS localimage of cell phone to New York Village Voiceimage of non-ionizing radiation sign- Pic 2 Flyinformation on health problems and non- ionizing radiation- Non-ionizing radiation: A type of radiation that is safeand has some heating effects. It doesn't cause any damage to tissues, but it has some long term effects. This kind of radiation is in cell phones Can Radio Waves from Cell phonesAffect the Metabolism in your Brain? A study in the Journal of the American Medical Association proved that radiowaves from cell phones can affect the metabolism in your brain, but will not harm it. " The human brain relies on electrical signals to communicate, so it makes sense that the electromagnetic energythat a cell phone puts out might affect the brain cells," researchers said. Sources
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