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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 ? 50 Is Cell Phone Radiation Harmful? Scientists discovered that spending 50 minuteswith a phone turned on pressed against your ear, increases your brain activity. Using a cell phonefor 50 minutes boostsbrain metabolismby 6 to 8 percent. But only areas of the brain close to the antenna. The Magic 50 ? ? Scientists arestill unsurewhether cell phoneradiation isharmful or not.More researchneeds to be conducted. The picture to the left showshow the glucose metabolismincreased when the phone wason (left image) than when it wasturned off. (right image) Since researchers aren't sure whether cell phones can damage your brain or not, they warned usthat you should be cautious withhow much time you spend talkingon the phone. So far scientists haven't been able to find any connectionbetween cell phone radiationand cancer. They are stillunsure whether cell phonescan cause cancer. images from and ? Levels of radiation are tested onthe specific absorption rate. (SAR) In order for a phone to be FCCapproved, the phone's maximumSAR levels must be less than 1.6watts. Phone companies are allowedto test their own phones SAR levels. Did you know? Information from listed above are popular phones and their SAR levels. Green indicates low SAR levels, yellow represents higher levels, and red meanslevels are barely passing requirement. To the right are the SARlevels for the Nokia phones which are barely acceptable for the Nokia 300.
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