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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Cell Phone Hiatus In college composition, our class was asked togive up what we have came to know in our everyday life, a thing that most of us take for granted,our cellphones. What the two day effects for me were. Statistics, why I'm the only one Basics I tend to think of myself as a "unfulfilled" millennial, at least when it comes to technology (cell phone,cable, etc.) As my mom tends to want to cut costs when she can and that tends to come into play with ourt.v. and cell phones. Basically, I have an age old flip-phone with no camera, which means no snapchat, photo gallery, or picturemessages. No internet, which means no Twitter, Facebook, or google. It hasn't alwaysbeen that way. I did have a Blackberry when those werethe "cool" internet phones. Yeah. It's been a long time. I consider myself to have been on a cell phone hiatus for 3 years. As described in the Basics section, taking my phonereally only left me disconnected by way of texting,calling, and checking the time. These were still hasselsfor me, but I'm sure not as bad as people who had neverbeen to the Twitter website because of their phone's capabilities. I will note that I did miss being able to getahold of my friends or family quickly. Butas I'm sure most people say, it was nice to be able tothink what was going on in YOUR life at the momentand not wondering what everyone else was doing. These statistics are from use cell phones for online browsing Cell phones while in store Cell phones for online banking 55% 75% 73% double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. VS Average Millennial Me I also was almost tempted to put on a watch. Which for me would have meant going out andbuying one from a store. At my job it's importantto be on time to some resident's rooms and theclocks at my workplace are all different times.That was frustrating. I imagine just simply having an old wristwatch would have sufficed though.
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