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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 100% No Kill Animal Entertainment Are animal entertainerstreated humanely? "With little to amuse them,onething they might cherish are theirbonds they form with their cell mates."Piraro 1 "Animals are used for human amusement in a widevariety of ways.Some celebrate the animals' beauty,strength, and speed.In contrast, animals are also harmed or killed to entertain people."Povey B57-73 "Animals in marine parkstypically show signs ofpsychological disturbanceare often forced to performdegrading tricks that run counterto their natural instincts."Animals in Entertainment: Cruel Spectacles "Circuses house and confineanimals in small cages, sometimesfor as long as 23 hours in each day.They are also sometimes chained,as well as caged. The animals suffer from reduced freedom to express natural behaviors."Animals in Entertainment 5 4 3 2 "If any animal tries to escape or lashout, it can be deadly for the trainer, theaudience, and the animal. Once theseanimals become too dangerous or old toperform, there may be no safe refuge for them. Catie RuskinMs. Long3rd period Animals aren't meant to performshows for human entertainment. But stillthousands of animals are forced to do these things. If they do not exceed expectations,they are violently abused. And when they arenot performing their living conditionsare bad, the animals away from theirfamily and natural habitat. 1 Aquatic animals such as dolphinsand orcas are kept in small tanks at many aquariums and theme parks. These under-water animals are usedto swimming freely in their natural habitat, the ocean. Unfortunatley most of these animal's life spans are cut short because of these conditions. 2 3 Many things could go wrong during a circusperformance involving animals.Animals could get injured while performingtricks like climbing on top of each other, doing tricks from heights, jumping through hoops, or tricks involving humans. Animals go through distress while in training. Some animals try to escape from distress. Animal that are taken away from their habitat and family can die from depression in circuses or theme parks.. 4 5 You would think the circus animals' trainerswould be advocates for the animals. Unfortunately, their not,many organizations and websites seem to look outfor the animals more than trainers.The organizations and websites try their best to look out for the animalsand raise money for their own good.
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