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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 A substance that causes or speeds up a chemical reaction without being affected itself Accidental or unplanned growth in mobileapplications can lead to unmanaged dataconsumption in the enterprise. of mobile applications - discarded mobile apps stillconsuming data in an unmanaged state - is on the rise. Catalysts Catalysts in Action... 2010 downloads (actual) 10.9 billion The % relative cost to add a simple approvalworkflow mobile app to a large enterprisetransformation effort. ... within increasing management needs 50 2 Catalysts are used because... -cheaper-faster-lower activation energy-lower reaction temp. 50 +'s 2 The % increase in program funding likelihoodif mobile applications are included in alarge enterprise transformation effort. * source: IDC mobile app survey (2010) Catalysts can be used in industry(for biological or chemical reasons) andthey're a much cheaper way of causing reactions Zombification For more information on planning and readiness for mobile and cloud computing visit Our complimentary SAP Experts briefing on data governance for mobile computing may be found at (login required). 2014 downloads (estimated) 76.9 billion * informal crowd poll of 40 SAP customersbased on $US 1-5 Million enterprisetransformation effort size (services only). * source: SAP BusinessObjects User Conference (2012) -'s -can be poisoned bywaste products-too fast of a reaction
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