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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Who we are Cloud Automation Solutions (CAS) is a Texas, United States based nextgeneration, leading edge cloud automation service provider. We closely work with customers to evaluate and determine both their growth needs and pain-points, and enhance cloud environment. With cost-effective,innovative and affordable approach,CAS minimizesboth the cloud complexity and cost. We work to make a difference in a clients cloud implementation and maintenance needs by having a 1 on 1 relationship with client. Our corporate philosophy is built on the ideals of dedication and commitment to excellence. We work with the customer to understand their cloud business needs 1 2 We help our customer evaluate and determine the best technology to meet their cloud needs 3 We Implement and maintain cloud solutions in a automated approach to minimize the complexities of the cloud while delivering the customers expected "end results." 4 Lower overall cost in terms of implementing, maintaining, and migrating to the cloud Our Services How we do it: Cloud Technology Platform Selection Migration to the Cloud Technology Implementation for Cloud Deployment Cloud Customization for Process Automation Cloud Environment Enhancements End-to-End Cloud Management & Maintenance Cloud Automated Tools Training Cloud Post Implementation Support Our Advantage Cloud Automation Solutions provides cost-effective automated services to enterprises. We offer automation services that lower the overall cost for our customers in terms of implementing, maintaining,migrating and end-to-end management of cloud. COST-SAVING SOLUTION-PACKAGE Our panel of experts work with customers to understandtheir cloud automation needs, and help them evaluate, determine and plan the best technology deployment to meet those business needs. Our approach of planning and implementing delivers the real business values. STAGED ROAD MAP Instead of pushing preconfigured bundles, CAS focuses onwhat is best for the customers business needs, what they actually want and how to satisfy those needs. Based on these criteria, we customize cloud environment according to the customers current and future needs. FREEDOM OF CLOUD CUSTOMIZATION Our team of highly skilled experts migrate/deploy & maintain cloud solutions in an automated approachthat simplify process and delivers the customers expected "end results". Our innovative services enhance efficiency, scale and agility, optimize operations, and ensure business continuity. SPECIALIZED-SKILLS & SIMPLIFIED PROCESS Technologies We Deploy & Automate: About Us ? Cloud Automation Solutions is a company of entrepreneurs, marketers, engineers and expert tech-people. We have experienced professionals with diverse interests from diverse backgrounds to provide best-in-class solutions. CAS team consist of senior leadership with a combined experience of:80 years in Software Development and IT Technologies22 years in Automation Technologies15 years in Data Centers10 years in Cloud Solutions With our innovative, customized, cost-saving enhanced services that maximize our customers ROI, scale and agility,efficiency, optimize operations, ensure business continuity, and minimize both the cloud complexity and cost we provide real customer driven business values. Private Cloud Hybrid Cloud Community Cloud Public Cloud IaaS PaaS NaaS SaaS 13359 North Highway 183,Suite 406-208, Austin, TX 78750 © 2014 CLOUD AUTOMATION SOLUTIONS, INC. INFOGRAPHIC DEVELOPED BY DHARAK GIRI | STRATEGIC MARKETING CONSULTANT, CAS +1 512-879-9303 Support &
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