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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 cars of the 1920's the impact cars had on society cars made it possible for people to do so much more than the could before having the ability to travel farther away alowed some people to get better paying jobs cars also helped people get arond allot faster and easyer cars also alowed people to start new buisnesses which got people more jobs the 1920's is when cars started to become more available to the public and alot cheaper car companies of the 1920's cars really became allot more abundant because the founder of Ford (Henry Ford) came up with a new stratigy of producing cars, cauld the assembly line during this time there where three main car companies which were Ford,GM, AND Chrysler during the 1920's over 15,000,000 Ford Model T's where produced works cited Because of cars a lot of other businesses where started such as gas stations, car repair shops, auto part stores, etc since Henry ford came up with the assembly line a lot more companies started up Soprts since cars became more available to the public more and more sports have started people have started racing,rally racing(off road racing),raming,drifting, and menny more since then driving sports have pretty much stayed the same, its just the cars that are changing so rappidly
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