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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Mental Health Counselor A mental health counselor helps people manage or overcome mental/emotional disorders & problems. They listen to theclients and try to understand their problems. The counselorwill help the client develop strategies to help cope withtheir sittuations. The goal is to help improve their lives. A Master's degree isrequired. Admissions requirements into a master's degree program generally include completion of a bachelor's degree. Classesyou may take are cognitive psychology, counseling psychology and professional psychology. The starting salaryfor this career is about $43,700. If youchoose to futher in your education than your salary will behigher. Most mental health counselors work 40 hours a week. Some counselors work in the evenings and during the weekends to accommodate their clients' schedules or to help people and families dealing with a crisis. - genuine warmth toward others-patience-persistence-trust- interpret and judge situations accurately-active listening-reassure and motivate-prioritizing & timekeeping-organized The best location in Emporia would be The Mental Health Center, The top paying areas would beTexas, New York and New Jersey. double click to change this header text! A few rewards withthis career are changing peoples lives, saving others and working with all different people to make a difference. Cons about this careerchoice: emotionally draining, attachment toclients, rough topics or situations, and for the amount of work you do the pay is not the best.but these jobs are important. I chose this careerbecause helpingothers has always been somethingI've been interested in.I truly do want to make a difference in livesand this is a good placeto start. No the job doesn't have the best salary, but I want toenjoy my job, not work somewhere because it pays well and absolutely hate it.
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