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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 CAREER EDUCATION MYTHS BUSTED HIGH SCHOOL I don't need to start thinking about my career at school - its too early for that Experts like career counsellors and my parents are the best advisors to listen to; they know what I should do in the future My friends and I think that the best career is the one that will pay the most, I will aim for a job that gets me a fat pay cheque. If I follow my passion and interests, I will automatically do well in that field FIRST JOB Exploring options, recognizing your interests, strengths and skills and building on them are best started in middle and high school years so that you can plan your goals with clarity and confidence Money is an important criteria but blindly following a "hot"sector without checking your ability and capacity to develop wouldbe a wrong and frustrating move. Parents and experts are great resources of information and their support is invaluable. But take responsibility for your choices and their consequences in your life. We cannot blindly follow a passion without taking into account our reality or ability to develop a competitive advantage of valuable skills for that particular occupation. Find something that sparks a light and drives you to excel. Created by Vocatio Career Education
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