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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Lion King double click to change this header text! In this stage the main character is led to a place they may or may not know. Either way it's a place their not completely comfortable in. This is the starting point of their journey. In the lion king, Simba disobeys his dad and listens to his uncle Scar's low key advice. He goes on an adventure to the elephant graveyard with his friend Nala. They end up in trouble and Mufasa saves the day. Mufasa saves his son a second time in the stampede from running antelopes. The Call to Adventure In this next step of the cycle, the protagonist refuses to accept a journey or certain way of living. Usually someone or something tries to change their mind or opinion. They most likely end up convinced. After Mufasa dies from falling off a cliff into a herd of antelopes, Simba has a hard time accepting it. Scar is the one whoc caused the scene and really killed him, but makes Simba feel guilty for what happened. He then tells Simba that it's best if he runs away and never returns. While entering a new unfamiliar world, the protagonist is joined with a companion. Their company then leads them or helps with their new life. Simba meets Timon and Pumba who find him and tell him to let go of the past. They then bring him to live with them in a new beautiful land and teach him to eat and live like them. Crossing the Treshold The hero now faces a problem while entering a new world. He then gets past the problem in order to go on with his journey. Simba is upset at first, but then decides to listen to Timon and Pumba. He realizes that the only way he can be happy is to let go of what he can't control and move on with his new life. The main character is trapped with a problem. Because they find it impossible to face or fix it, they decide at first not to even deal with it. After Simba runs into his old friend Nala,she tells him that he needs to return to Pride Rock. Simba however feels like it's too late to return and still feels at fault for his father's death. Road of Trials Along the road one learns lessons from their obstacles. He also learns who he is and why things happen. When Simba meets Rafiki, the subject about his father is brought up. He tells Simba how he still knows him because he live in Simba spiritually.He then tells him that he should run from his prolems. The protagonist meets with someone they could or could not know. It's usually the opposite sex. It most likely also leads to romance At some point Nala leaves to find help and tries to eat Pumba. After Simba fights her to protect his friends he realizes he knows her. They then spend a romantic time together. The character meets with someone or has a conscious that leads him to do the right thing. The hero is then convinced. Simba decides to return to Pride Rock after being convinced by many, He knows that things won't get better unless he takes his place as king Simba sees and speaks to his father's ghost after Rafiki tells him to look deep in himself. His father tells him that he has forgotten him as well as himself. Therefore because he won't take his rightful place as king. Temptation from the True Path The hero gets a strong urge to back out of his goal. He gets second thoughts while trying to pursue his task. Simba returns to Pride Rock and sees how destroyed it's been since he left. He feels like it's going to be dangerous and thinks about what to do Apotheosis The protagonist now is aware of the responsibilities they have. He decides to own up his role as a hero and take action. Refusal of the Call Supernatural Aid The Bellyof the Whale Meeting with the Godess Atonementwith the Father This is the part everyone or just the main character make decisions that affect what they're trying to achieve. It gets closer to the final round. When Sarabi (Simba's mom), tells Scar that there's nothing left For survival in Pride rock, She insists that they leave. Scar gets stubborn and hits her, which is where Simba comes in to stand up for himself and everyone. The UltimateBoom double click to change this header text! The main character doesn't want to go back to their normal world anymore. He feels he may get rejected or end up alone if he does. When Simba returns home, he doesn't tell people why he ran away or didn't want to come back. scar then tries to make him take fault for his dad's death again. Refusal ofReturn This is the part where sometimes something surprising happens to help save the day. It can also be meant intentionally, but it always leads to progress.. Simba leans toward the safe path when he gets the courage to fight Scar. Nalla, Timon and Pumba stand by his side for support The Chase/ Magic flight There comes a scene where the character gets a little help to accomplish something. It could be from anyone or anything. The protagonist in the movie gets help after he defeats Scar. A huge fire forms around the land, but then it begins to rain and sets it out. The RescueFrom Without The moment now comes when the hero stands up for what he believes in. He fights whatever or whoever is in his way causing harm. Simba tells his Uncle Scar to step down or fight him. He goes up against Scar, making him admit that he's the one who really killed his father and battles him. Crossing the Return Treshols After conquering all evil and facing fears,the protagonist has no problem being on either worlds Scar is no longer to cause trouble in the end.Simba then steps up and takes his place as king,as he roars. MasterofTwo Worlds It all finally comes to a happy ending.The negative is outand the hero can move on with his life. Everything is back to normaland no longer destroyed.The lion king and Nala proceed with life and have a baby girl lion FreedomtoLive
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