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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 life cycle of a pen raw materials The raw materials for a pen are... plastic: the plastic is used for the grip of the pen steal ball:the steal ball is used for the pen to alutly work medal: medal is used for the pen case. spring:the spring is used for when you push the pen up to use it it pushes the ball up so you can use the pen. Ink:the ink is made out of chemicals and black led. iron:iron is used for the case double click to change this title text! tap and hold to changeth materials prossessing the fist step to making a pen is to get the the materials that youneed for this you will need get the iron by miningit.Next is ink ink is made by chemicals and black led or any color pen it is.Then is the spring the spring is one of themost inpornt things to a is made out of iron and other materials . Hows its made you always want to start at the pens body / the case of the penthat is made by putting ironand other materials into the stenalthat the shape of the pen is in the next thing that you do is make the ink the ink is made out of chemicals and black or any coulr led that the pen says it thing that they do is make the steal ball for the pen well all it is steal shaped like a ball once that is finishedyou will start on the clip. the clip is used for to clip on the pants.then we have the cartilage this is used to the ink in.the use plasic to make this item. delivery/marking Pens are usually transported by car or truck.the stores you can buy them in are pretty much every store. the main onesare the dolor store and any office supply stores. price range the price range really depends on what kind of pen it is.if it is cheap it will be $5-$10.and if it is a more expive pen it culod be $20+ dispole. it can be reused but if the ink runs out you should maybe get a new pen.All of the parts can be recycled. because most of it is plasic and thew out a pen in 3-5 mouths of having the pen Fun facts Did you know that some people make there living off of sellingpens.pens have been here sine 1867
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