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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 double click to change this header text! Segment 1. Social MediaInternational Media PRBranding Sustainable faciltiesResorces Segment 2. Sport Clubs Sport players CompaniesOrganisation Segment 3. WorkersCountries"Daily Heroes" Phase1:Water supplyPhase 2:Sleeping FacilitiesPhase 3:Education: how to maintain the facilitieshow to grow food how to create handmadeproduct to sellPhase 4:Leaving self sustainable facilities with ambassadors MissionOffering 4 phase universal Project for every big sport event Long term contract =Unlimited and variablebenefits Short term or one time contract =Time limited and temporary benefits Ipmact matrix -Save workers life -Give something back for those who sacrificed something for the sport event -Create something sustainable ( for long term )-Rise the awareness of the sport community to play without suffering -An accepted and humanitarian perspective of sport events Local water supply providingfacilitiesEducationSleeping facilitiesBuilding up platforms where the Handmade products canmeet the backers ( providing long-term / stableincome for the those who are living in our facilities ) -Local water supply machines (desalination, watercleaning bottles)-Housing solutions (water, shelter, etc. )-Education: maintaining,handcrafting, food growing,hygiene-Lands -Human forces -Red cross-Human resources-Architecture companies for housing solutions-Pure Aqua (other water solutions)( sea water - potable water)-Education providing companies organizations Organization Maintaining Salaries Container, Lands,Water machines,Education, Housing,Tools for services etc. Money for other organization for networkand opening doors "Daily Heroes"Free acces to facilties,education and income possibilities
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