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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 QLD WEEKLYHOUSEHOLD EXPENDITURES The averageAustralian spends a yearon health. WHAT YOU KNOW ABOUTORDINARY BURGER.... Food and Beverages = $194.35 Recreation= $161.09 Personal care= $22.76 Ordinary Burger VS Bodyblast:FitMeal CHEAP LOW TASTY FLAVOURFUL LAST its inexpensive and affordable Taste almost like real Rich in artificialflavor Preservation make it stay longer THE TRUTH ABOUTYOUR ORDINARY BURGER Comparatively, the Australian goverment PRESERVATIVES FATCONTENT SUGARCONTENT UNHEALTHYCALORIE ADDITIVES MEAT SUBSTITUTE MEAT CONTENT The ordinary burger's content that you SHOULD know. e.g: High in MSG, flavor enhancer and contain chemical compounds High in sugar High in Saturated fat & cholesterol Most calories percentagecomes from fat Contain food coloring, stabilizers, thickeners, etc Contain various sources of meat parts including fillers Contain to much of substitution like TVP, Breadcrumb, meat enhancer, etc PRICE LONGER BODYBLAST:FITMEAL are one and only ultimate natural protein pack provider being formed into a burger patty. burger GUILTY FREE Its truly a ever WHAT BODYBLASTFIT MEAL HASTO OFFER? The next healthy burgers that will explode in the market HIGH PROTEIN LOW FAT LOW SODIUM VERY LOW GI NO NO HIGH FIBER PRESERVATIVE ADDITIVE ** Based on 100g pattie 100% protein come from pure lean meat. Contain good grain that is high in fiber All the fats are trimmed to reduce the fat content Using 100% pure saltno other mixture No wheat flour added.Purely grain filler No flavor enhancer added. Pure from spices & herbs No food coloring, stabilizer,thickeners added BodyBlast:FitMeal is manufactured to give an alternative to protein shake products. Regularly people are searching for a protein shakes as an alternative to attain supple protein intake.
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