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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 ANTRAX SMS gateway is an ideal tool for sending mass SMS messages from a leading European manufacturer of premium gateways. - You have full control over the distribution process - You can personally guarantee a high level of message delivery - You are able to become the operator of the distribution and earn - You will be able to ensure the confidentiality of mailing - You can be sure your customers base won't go wrongly, especially to the competitors' hands - There is no extra charge: you pay just the price of SMS in mobile networkAutomatic delivery of SMS is the perfect way to keep in touch with them and find new ones. He combines the efficiency and high returns. Save your time and money with ANTRAX! ANTRAX BULK SMS SOLUTION [basic] 73% ANTRAX Cent OS 6.5 SIM server SOFTSWITCH Network switch ethernet cable We provide technical support for free on the stages of installing, launching and growth of your project tech requirements Why it's better to use a personal decision for SMS sending ANTRAX opposed to various online services: - 1 PC with Cent OS 6.5for SIM server - 1 PC with Cent OS 5.5for SOFT SWITCH - Network switch - 1 PC with any OS for GUI skype:flamesgroupsia phone 371-67-333-777 Cent OS 6.5 SMS server SMPP Kannel GUI is a single platform that enables easy managementand monitoring of SMS sending by ANTRAX system. GUI is compatible with any OS (Windows, Linux, MacOS). Monitoring, statistics, management, and configuration can be done in real time.Key Benefits:Our graphical interface enables you to monitor the status of all SMS, and control the operation of each channel and SIM card.In order to create consolidated settings for a particular country, region or operator, you can group the SIM cards and channels in folders. GUI provides the opportunity to browse the history of entire groups as well as individual SIM cards and GSM channels, including CDRof each SMS. ANTRAX bulk SMS solution basic features ANTRAX bulk SMS interface - stable Internet connectionfrom 2 m/Bit
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