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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Building your business the end step 1 keepwalking step 2 step 3 step 4 YOU MADE IT ! OPEN YOUR BUSINESS! You will need to find a location (or more)where consumers visitregularly. Your marketplace should be attractive and accessible. Trust is a key concept whenmaking a business.You need to trust who you hire, you need to trust your product, you need to trust your consumers and producers and you need to trust yourself. Take control of your business and chose how you want to run it. Do you want to own it solely or make a partnership.Do you want it to be a corporation or cooperative? Goods &Services Marketplace Trust Chosing yourform ofbusiness In order to start a businessyou need something that consumers want, need orwill provide from Goods are items that can be touched while a service is assistance that satisfy the needs or wants of others. A marketplace is where producers and consumers come together to buy and sell goodsor services. Trust is confidence placed in a person, it is the firm belief in the reliability of something. YOU NEED TO HAVE CONFIDENCE! Sole proprietorship: owned by one person. You can be your own boss and have plenty of freedom but may have financing difficultiesPartnership: two or more owners. There is more financing but partners may have disagreements. Corporation: many shared holders. There is limited liability but is hard to include the ideas of everyoneCooperative: owned by members. It is less expensive and easy but the process of decision making is difficult.
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