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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 EMBRACE FALLURE why it is important and how to embrace fallure rise above situations TO EMBRACE FALLURE learn totrust rise above whatI is not goingmy [planned] way how many timesdid I quit? how many timesdid I push through,valuing theexperience? metric diplomatic independent innovation and leadership involve countlesstrials and errors use my independenceto continue will help me bemore of a risktaker negative before accepting,consider isthere someonebetter for thisjob than me am I less cynicaland confidentbecause I embracedfallure rather thanjust letting go? USE MYSTRENGTHS "...surviving a failure gives you more self-confidence.Failures are greatlearning tools."(Immelt) Leadership Lessons of a Rock Climber(Fast Company) "In fallure you fall;in failure you let go."(Collins) virtual field trips -not everything willwork out the first time past lost confidencewhen I realizedI would notbe successful took ontasks I knewI had ahigh chanceof succeeding did not like talkor think aloudabout failures more experience and self-confidence maintain myconfidence -don't bediscouraging Risk Is Where You Find It(Block Ch. 3) confident afraid of disappointing FUTURE will deal with manysituations where failures need to occurbefore success does fear + other tough stuff(Fire Starter Session 7) "Fear will tell you to not rock the boat.Dive in." The Fast Company Interview:Jeff Immelt(Fast Company) pushed through because I had tonot because I saw it as a valuable experience
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