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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 DELEGATE MORE why it is important and how to delegate more observant/perspective TO DELEGATE MORE learn totrust offer someone I observe wantingmore responsibilitiesan opportunityto take on more how many tasks did I take on because Icouldn't say noor lacked trust? tally how manytimes I delegatemy weaknesses metric reliable proactive provide opportunities for both followersand me to grow and learn - realizemy own goals do not bethe first totake on roles will help with"be more awareof followers'needs" bucket delegated tasks that had little to no consequencesif failed or went uncompleted before accepting,consider isthere someonebetter for thisjob than me how many followers grew at the enddue to opportunities I provided? USE MYSTRENGTHS "If you're going to realize your intentions, what you stop doing is just as important as what you startand continue to do."(Laporte p. 171) no, thank you. yes, please(Fire Starter Session 9) participative leadership possibly gain amentee past did not trust -->did not delegate tookon alot of the tasks selectively delegated need to trust followers if Iwant them totrust me stressedmyself out help someonegrow andfine tunehis/herdependability Culture and Leadership(Northouse Ch. 15) dependable sometimestook ontoo much FUTURE embrace others'strengths bydelegating my weaknesses sometimesresented less stressedand resentful Becoming the Boss(Harvard Business Review) learning by doing
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