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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 BE MORE PATIENT why it is important and how to be more patient focus onthe person'spositives considerate TO BE MORE PATIENT have consequencefor notspeaking FUTURE ponder overwhat the persongets to learn/experience what % of myinitial thoughtsare negative? how many timesdo I embracea teachingexperience? metric patient will complementmy "be more relationship andfollowers' needsfocused" buckets focused (with friends/people I get along with) will help me empowerand develop leadersif I focus on strengthsinstead of my frustrations consider allperspectives will help mebe a more authentic leader andwork onrelating skills relatingcapability Patience!(Leader Interview) sometimesmean-hearted easily frustrated speak upat least onceper meeting what is my(default) attitude? USE MYSTRENGTHS In Praise of the Incomplete Leader(Harvard Business Review) "No matter who you are, you're going to have to work with people who are different from you."(Hammonds) Difference Is Power(Fast Company) peace andunderstandingneeded -to achieveI need tobe patient gain teachingexperience past not as patientas I could have been with peopleI did not particularly care for externallykind externally appeared patient, but internally was very impatient diverse, more global, groupsand workforce held myselfback frombeing my best listen beforereacting listener Brain to Brain(Future) Contingency TheoryNorthouse Ch. 6)
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