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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 BE MORE VOCAL BY SPEAKING UP MORE why it is important and how to be more vocal by speaking up more focus onwhat I can/have to offerinstead ofwhat I believeto be bad ideas considerate TO BE MORE VOCAL BY SPEAKING UP MORE have consequencefor notspeaking FUTURE offer a possiblesolution tally how many times I speak up- voluntarily -during a meeting how many timeswas I askedif I attended ameeting? metric will help with my language -skill forsuccessfulleader listener get moreideas across -more influential focused problem-solver will help develop abetter virtual human -acts as I now do - to be considered I needto get myself noticed - one way is to speak up take what I hear and add on to the idea(s) Talk Is Walk(Block Ch. 17) will help meshare my story and persuade -effectively talkingis action -leadershipconversation Virtual Leadership(Future) tookpridein beinga listener quiet - went severalmeetings/classes not speaking speak upat least onceper meeting my ideas were not heard how many times do I effectively inspire and persuade? USE MYSTRENGTHS The Necessary Art of Persuasion(Harvard Business Review) "Effectivecommunicationof a storyis a key - perhaps the key -to leadership."(Peters) Rule #3 LeadershipIs Confusing As Hell(Harvard Business Review) "Numbers do not make an emotional impact,but stories andvivid language do."(Conger p. 92) become lessinvisible gain trust and credibility past my concernswere not known, butbecame a reality later on liked nottalking thought I hadbad ideas
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