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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 BE MORE RELATIONSHIP FOCUSED why it is important and how to be more relationship focused past care viainitiating casual chats work = work considerate TO BE MORE RELATIONSHIP FOCUSED meet outsidework time FUTURE did notconsciously workon getting to know others put what I do inpersonal relationships intowork relationship(s) what % of of myconversations withfollowers revolvearound the followers? how many first meetings do I start with an in-depth"get-to-know-each-other" time? metric will allow me to work on my individualized consideration listener diversity =more and morerelevant hospitable value relationships will help build meaningfulrelationship(s)beyond work organize,if not host,events/gettogethers "To know someone wellis to know her story...."(Ibarra & Lineback p. 1) more icebreakers So, What's Working Here?(Block Ch. 18) global corporationsAsian culture allabout relationship(s)(first) "Managers must focus on forging good individualrelationships"(Hill p. 7) decrease timehashing outdisagreements Becoming the Boss(Harvard Business Review) Leading from Behind(Block Ch. 25) What's Your Story(Harvard Business Review) did notknow howfollowersactedoutside ofmeetings less focusedon relationships (unless long-term groups) make an effortto ask aboutpersonal life did not talk outside of meetingsunless to ask about work-related matters USE MYSTRENGTHS after x days, can I list x things I did not know about the person before? encouragement(for all parties) goals > people "Leaders understand theultimate powerof relationships." (Peters) Rule #3 LeadershipIs Confusing As Hell(Fast Company)
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