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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 BE MORE AWARE OF FOLLOWERS' NEEDS why it is important and how to be more aware of followers' needs USE MYSTRENGTHS past listen and focus on whatfollowers' suggestor hint at deadline(s)driven observant TO BE MORE AWARE OF FOLLOWERS' NEEDS ask followers'for inputs FUTURE did notconsciously consider followers' needs relationship(s) then goal(s) / task(s) how much (%) of myconversations withfollowers revolvearound the task at hand? how manymeetings do I talk/ delegate more thanI listen? metric will help develop my persuasion skillsfor followers' benefits listener further develop myobservation skills more (familial)collaboration focused serving goal/task oriented focused/ attention to detail will help meempower themand highlight their achievements be moreobservant idealized influenceintellectual stimulationindividualized considerationinspiration executesolutions Brainstorm different needs/motives of followers(Champion assignment) more and moreemphasis onfollowers -followers developleaders "Servant leaders make a conscious choice to serve first - to placethe good of followers over the leaders' self-interests."(Northouse p. 248) support(for all parties) Servant Leadership(Northouse Ch. 10) Leader-Member Exchange Theory(Northouse Ch. 8) Transformational Leadership(Northouse Ch. 9) timelines schedules plans deadlines > people write downtheir needsand check offas addressed
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