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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 What is a megacity? Pressure In Modern Megacities - Megacities are cities that have a population over 10 million people.- There are 27 Megacities.- Megacities have a global organizationfor information exchange and collaboration- The associated increased carbon emissionsare contributing to global warming andpose their own climate risks. BANGKOK, a megacity experiencing urban pressure. GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION- Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand- It is situated in South East Asia- It is situated on the Northern Hemisphere POPULATION AND DEMOGRAPHICS- Population of Bangkok is over 14 MILLON people.- Over 22% of Thailand's population lives in Bangkok- High number of moslems INTERESTING STATISTIC DATA ABOUT BANGKOK AND ITS PEOPLE- By 2010 Bangkoks population was nearly 15 million people- Several years ago, Bangkok was named the hottestcity in the world. PHYSICAL LAYOUT/STRUCTURE - In Bangkok their are shops in every street you go to- Bangkok is located on the Delta of the Chao Phraya River PARIS, a megacity handing urbanisation positively GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION- Paris is the capital city of France- It is situated in the North Central Part of the Country- It is located along the Seine River POPULATION AND DEMOGRAPHICS- High number of Muslims and refugees- The population of Paris is 10.5 MILLION people INTERESTING STRATISTICAL DATA ABOUT PARIS AND THEIR PEOPLE- Metro is an underground transport station- unemployment rates rose to its highest level in 13 years PHYSICAL LAYOUT/STRUCTURE- Paris is s world capital city of shopping- Paris is one of the cleanest and greenest cities on the continent SOCIAL- health issues and spread of diesease- Lack of medical assistance ECONOMIC- Too many shops- Lack of money- Lack of food ENVIROMENTAL- Lack of fresh water- Lack of food MANAGEMENT STRATEGIES- Better transport- Better housing- Metro is and underground transport station it has around 300 stations
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