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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Rights and Freedoms charter of Canadian Guarantee The rights and freedoms are guaranteed to Canadians and limits can be placed on them only if the limits are needed to maintain freedom and democracy b) Freedom of speach c) Freedom to organise, participatein peaceful meetings or gathering. d) Freedom to be part of what you want Democratic Rights Every Canadian citizenshas the right to vote or be in a member of house of commons They are not allow to continue for longer than 5 years, unless they re- elceted If there's a war or invasion,assembly can continue longer than 5 years as long as 1/3 agree. The parliament and each legislature will have a meeting once every 12 months If you are a citizen ofCanada, you can enterremain in and leave Cananda Mobility Rights Citizens and permanent residents of Canada have the right to live any province and have a job that would provide their need in any province. To those people who lives in the province for years, will et banifets for social services Legalrights 14) People who don't understand,because they are deaf or they can't speak the language,being spoken in the court can have the assistance of the interpreter 13) A witness who gives evidence in court can't have it used against them unless they lied 7) They have the right to do what they want, but not breaking the fundamental justice(ex. Crimes and drugs...) 8) Everyone has the right to not be search for no reasons 9) Everyone has the right to immediately restrained or put in prison, for no reason 12) Everyone has the right not to receive a punishment that's too harsh, only the crime comitted 11) a} If have the right know why you're arrested 10) a} If you are arrested you have the right to know why 10) b} You have the right to have a lawyer 11) b} The trial has to be in a reasonable time 11) d} Innocent until there's evidence that proves you're guilty 11) c} If you're charged you can't be a witness 11) e} You can bail unless is believed that you'll be a danger to the society 11) g} You can't be charged if the crime wasn't considered a crime at the the time 11) f} Except when it comes to military law, you go to trial if punishment for the crime is maximum for 5 years or more 11) h} If you were found innocent or guilty and punished, you can't be charged for that again. 11) i} If the punishment changed between the time the crime committed and the time the sentence was given youget the lesser punishment 10) c} You have the right to ask the judge if the arrest is allow If a province have low job rate, they can un- allow them to come in Equality Rights 15) 1} Everyone is equal and should not face any discrimination based on race national/ ethnic origin,color religion, sex, age or mental and physical disability. 15 2) The policy that helps disadventage groups so they can be equal with others. Official Languages of Canada 21) They are not allow to cancel or take, their privileges of the languages in English or French 20) 1} The government of the Canada provides both English andFrench, so they can communicate with and officer 16) 1} English and French are the official languages of Canada equal status in parliament and government of Canada 16.1) 1} English and French speaking, communities in New Brunswick, have equal status rights and privileges andthe rights to protect, and promotethe communities withthe help of the government ofNew Brunswick 17) 1} Everyone has the rights to use English or French in any debates and other of Parliaments 18) 1} The records and journals of Parliament will be printed in of the legislature of New Brunswick 19) 1} Either English or Frenchcan discussed in the courtof Parliament 20) 2} People in New Brunswickcan communicate in English or French, with New Brunswick government officer 19) 2} Either English or Frenchcan discussed in New Brunswick 18) 2} The records and journalsof New Brunswick will be printed in English and French versions equally 16.1) 2} It's true that the government of New Brunswick protected promote those rights for the communities 16)3} The charter does not limit Parliament or a Legislature to advance the equality status or English and French 25) Aboriginal peoples of Canada, have special benefits under treaties, and they have the rights of freedom. The people who are not Aboriginal aren't allow to argue with this benefits 24) 2} If the justice system not good enough or bad, the court has the right to get rid of it Enforcement 23) 2} If you learn English or French in school, you still have the right to choose what you want your child learn. 24) 1} If your freedom and rights are violated, you can go to the court 23) 1} If you're first languages that you still understand, is the minority in the province, you have the choice to choose what language they will be educated Minority Language Education Rights 23) 3} If you are taking an education in minority language, the government has to give you money General 28) Male and Female have rights of freedom equally in Canada 27) This charter explain the meaning of the preservation and enhancement of the multicultural heritage of Canada 26) The Parliament and Legislature are allow to can create laws of rights and freedom 29) In religious schools are allow to choose their own students and teachers, base on their religions. 30) The charter applies equally to all province and territories in Canada 31) The provincial and federal government have to share responsibilities and distribution of powers. 16) 2} English and French are the official languages of New Brunswick and have equal status in Parliament and government of New Brunswick 34) This means the official name of it's part of the constitution is the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms Citation . 32) 2} 3Years later, section 32will become section 5 Application of charter 33) 1} Parliament or legislature government may be add or take away the law 32) 1} The charter applies to only government not for business and provide individuals or other organizations 22) The government officer can offered other languages a) Freedom to choose and practice your religions Fundamental Freedoms 17) 2}Everyone has the right to use English and French in any debates of the legislature of New Brunswick