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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 1855 19th century 1960`s 1844 1846 1850 Future Generations After 18th century People suffer Relieves pain, knockout your memory andparalyze your muscles. Discovery American physician and scientist whowas active in medicine,chemistry, mineralogyand geology. Approvedanesthesia in hospitals. Dr. Charles Jackson Laughing gas orether frolics Young people usedto gather to use itas a drug. Curiosityleads to the discovery. Horace Wells 1st dentist who publicly demostratedthe use of anesthesia. Surgery of a tumor on the jaw. William Morton Anesthesia is oneof the best inventionsin medicine. Approval Thanks to anesthesiathere are hundreds of different surgicalprocedures. Wouldn`t be possible 1st patient to beoperated under anesthesia having a thooth extracted."No more painful than the prick of apin.",Chauncer D. (1947). Letheon- The Cadenced Story of Anesthesia Selwyn, W. Stanley (1960). Essays on the First Hundred Years of Anesthesia Invention and Technology (Summer, 1996) How Nobody Invented Anethesia: 12(1):24American Heritage (October 1996). 1846. One Hundred and Fifty Years Ago: 116-118 Anesthesia 18th century- Future generations Dr. used to amputatein 1 o 2 min. Patientscouldn`t resistthe pain. Brenda Warnholtz
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