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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Statistics:-First 5 months: 77% of women breast fed.-49% percent were breast feeding their baby at 6 months-27% of women breast feed pat 1 year. 6 months (benefits)-Your baby will have less allergies.-You may not have a period as oftenor have one at all in those 6 months.- You have a 98% rate protectionagainst pregnancy.-Could protect against illnesses along withchildhood cancer. First month (benefits)- You will give your baby colostrum. Which will protect them from infection.It will also clean out the baby's intestines from the black tar like stool they may have from birth.-Mature milk will produce antibodies.-Nursing will help you recover faster after birth. 1 Year and past (benefits)-Protect against diabetes, asthmaChron's disease, obesity,and high cholesterol in adulthood.-You will save a lot of money.-Children tend to be moresecure and independent. Myths:-If baby's are hungry often it means they aren't fed enough, the reason whythey actually feed more is because breast milkis digested faster.-Give a breast fed baby they will getconfused and not eat. This is not truebecause the baby still suckson the nipple and will gain skillsto drink from a bottle. You can go to a...-Doctor-Breast feeding drop ins orclasses-Lactation consultant-Family members Breast Feeding Benefits for mom-Cost less-stops you from ovulating around 98% of the time.-Stress reliever-Help them lose weight Tips:-Be sure to get the right latch-Try different positions-Get help early-Use props-Burp them-Expect any challenges that will occur-Don't get frustrated By: Kirsten Smith
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