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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Brave New World By: Alodus Huxley Science is more important than relationshipsbetween humans. Society is unable to reach their full potential without the use of stimulants Katie Spisak "We predestine and condition. We decant our babies as socialized human beings." (Huxley 12). "Dont imagine that I'd had any indecorous relation with the girl, Nothing emotional, nothing longdrawn. It was all perfectly healthy and normal. (Huxley pg. 97). Bernard is a character who realizes the flaws within society. He, unlike most, has the abilityto think for himself. He is a character that is lovestruck, leading to his loneliness. Even though he is unableto control his emotions, Bernard refuses to turn to Some, trying to prove his own potential "What i had to suffer - and not a gramme of soma to be had." (Huxley pg. 120). "I dont understand... why you don't take soma when you have these dreadful ideas of yours.You'd forget all about them. Andinstead of feeling miserable, you'dbe jolly. So Jolly" (Huxley pg. 92). This society is a big advocate for genetic engineering. They believe that in order to reach perfection each child must be engineered to become what they are supposed to be.The people of this society take multiple drugs, in order to reach their peak perfection.The main drug, a happy pill, is called Soma. Soma helps to control their emotions, especiallywhen certain characters, such as Bernard, start to realize the flaws within this society.These people also take multiple different drugs so that they may not get pregnant and havechildren. If they have an emotional relationship with a person,they are looked down upon,for all that matters to this society is the act of sex, not the emotions that go along with it.Another strong character throughout this book is Lenina. There are multiple excerpts from her talking about how wonderful the effects of Soma are. When she was stranded in the Indian Reservation, she had not access to Soma, and missed is dearly. Her son, however, also the son of the Director, was completely against the use of soma. He had realized, right fromthe start, that this society was not one that he wanted to be a part of. Both themes are revealed through characterization. The Director puts a main focus on how important science really is to this society. We see this throughout the whole novel. Lenina puts a focus on how well Soma works and how wonderful its effectsare. John, however does not agree with this mother, and Bernard is one that wants to reach his full potential, not scientific potential, on his own. For this, he gets judged.
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