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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 "I'm claiming the right to be unhappy" Pg 240 In Brave New World certain people are looked on to besavages just because they aren'tpart of their idea of a perfect society. These "savages" are happy living the way they arewithout civilization telling them what they are and how to live.They know there history and the truth and are looked on as being unhappy with how they live. They are outcasts in civilization but in civilization people don't know the truth of the society or there past. When they learn anypart of there past they take somato make them feel better.Civilization chose happiness over truth where the savage world chose truth over happiness. BRAVE NEW WORLD BY ALDOUS HUXLEY BY VICTORIA GRAY THEME:In capability of happiness and truth in a society. THEME:Different people are ostracized in societies In this society there is a mass production of people in order to make productivity more efficient.They make thousands of copiesof the same person and put themin a class. "But I don't want to comfort.I want God, I want poetry, Iwant real danger, I want freedom,I want goodness. I want sin" Pg 240 John isn't from the civilized world. He is a savage and he can clearlysee the flaws of civilization. He rather know the truth about God,books and poetry, even the History. The civilized society tells him if hechoses those things he will be unhappy. John picks the right tobe unhappy and have the truth than to let them control him withsoma to make him happy but withno freedom. "Strumpet!" Pg 252 The two different societies havedifferenting views on relations.John believes in love and havinga long lasting relationship whereLenina believes "everyone belongsto everyone" (pg 47). When theytry to be together they realized the two societies will always differin there beliefs. In the savage world Linda was ostracized dueto her beliefs. The women wouldcome after her for being withtheir men when in the civilizedworld it was a normal occurrence.In Lenina's world, John is the oddone since he doesn't believe inthe fact you can share people and not have a commitment to them. The author uses a Dystopiansociety in order to satirize theflaws in his society he has written but also the society helives in. He brings out themein the story by explaining the flaws, history, and backgroundof the society he describes. The themes are related by thecharacter, John. He is an Outcastin the society. He was a savage whose parents are from the civilized world. He doesn't reallyfit in either society. He chose to have the right of being unhappyand knowing the truth of pain, andbooks and poetry. He wanted a world with liberty and freedom in a society that believes"Freedom tobe a round peg in a square hole"(pg 46). John himself could bedescribed as a round peg in a square hole since he doesn't fitin. He doesn't want to fit in. "Nothing costs enough here" (Pg 239) John believes they get things tooeasily, they get rid of things insteadof learning to deal with them. Thisis true with insects, and him. Thesociety instead of learning the truth and have a understanding of someone or something they ratherget rid of it and take soma in orderto feel better and be happy. They can't handle having the truth and knowledge if there is a chance they won't be happy.
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