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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Freedom What Gets Them in Gear? Inspiration Curiosity Safety Support It's Maslow's hierarchy of needs [2].If a student doesn't feel safe, they won't be motivated to learn. Everyone in my class will be respected and appreciated for who they are. Students should feel emotionally and academicallysupported at school, but also at home. I appreciate your help and welcome your concerns. Student or not, we all have something that gets us us excited, that makes our minds light up. When we are inspired, it feels like all the little gears in our mind are turning in unison. Everything is connected, Everything becomes illuminated. But it takes a lot of moving parts! Students get time every week to work on a research project they choose related to "I wonder why..." What are students excited about? What do they want to ask questions about? How can we teach them to answer those questions? Sources [1] Dobbs, David."Beautiful Brains." National Geographic Magazine. Oct, 2011[2][3] Safe and Civil Schools[4] MindSet Right now, your teen's brain is undergoing more changes than at any other time since birth. They'll be changing gears nonstop; but how do wekeep the wheels turning? Between 12 and 25, it will undergo extensive maturation and remodeling. something I haven't taught, explained, or decided they are capable of [3]. I will never ask students to do I care about what my students care about Nobody feels safe when they're unprepared. That's why [1] Failure is allowed. Students will have many opportunities for corrections [4]. A sneaky way to develop responsibility Here's how I set it up in my class.... Always comes first I'll give you mine if you give me yours I can and will give students the tools for success, but I cannot tell them what to build. [3]
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