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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 If you had one thing and this one thing only.and this one thing can and increase your performance and make you better then any one else. the one thing might sound and be crazy but it will make you feel more lighter that you feel like you can jump so high and so far and not let nothing stand in your way your like superman once you have this one thing.what if i tell you that this one thing that makes you feel so invincible are the new basketball sneakers (hyperdunks). Along with the backing and co sign of kobe Bryant,nike launched the instantclassic hyperdunks in the summer of 2008.It release coincided perfectly with the 2008 Bijing olympics.once this sneaker came out in 2008 the people who first got to use it was the Chinese. hyperdunks became the lightest and strongest basketballsneakers ever at that time. the hyperdunks light weight capacity allows the athletes to move with grace on the court. athletes need superior light weight footwear and canapparel that they can complete with confidence and that is exactly what hyperdunks entails. basketball players and people that play basketball need basketball sneakers that can make there foot feel relax while playing and hyperdunksmake the job done. some people want to know what are the materialsthat makes Hyperdunks so light and strong. fly wire technology and lunarlitare foam. fly wire redefinesfootwear construction,shaving off weight and adding strength, allowing athlete to become lighter on the court. lunarlitare foam features a unique cell structure making lightweight and ultra responsive as a cushioning system .
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