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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Animalia Taxonomic Classification of Living Organisms Fernando De Alba TelloA01208141Tecnológico de MonterreyCampus QuerétaroBotánica SistemáticaVictor Manuel Rodriguez Species Phylum Sheep Genus Class Family Artiodactyla Order Mammalia Kingdom Protist Monera Plantae Fungi Porifera Cnidaria Arthropoda Echinodermata Chordata Amphibia Reptilia Proboscidae Carnivora Bovidae Suidae Capra Ovis Suffix:Plants Algae - PhytaFungi - Mycota Suffix:Plantas Algae Fungi - Ales Suffix:Plants - Opsida Algae - PhyceaeFungi - Mycetes Suffix:Plants Algae Fungi - AceaeAnimal - Idae Suffix:Vascular plants - AlesAnimals - I Why do we classify living organisms? Because is easier to haveall the information in diferent parts depending of the qualities of each organism How do we classify living organisms? In Taxonomic classifications:The members of each group of living things share a set of special features unique to that group. What are the most useful characters that are used to classify organisms? The human and the chimpanzee References: biology., 2002,[online]Available at:<,2014 , Enciclopedia britanica, [online] Available at:< learning zone, 2006, Oxforf university [online], Available at: <
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