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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 for a predefined infographic start by dragging a theme onto the canvas your artboard start from scratch[clears the canvas] when your ready donot forget to save your visual. College is more than worth it 6 Advantages College vs high school College expenses D L L L 4 4 With just a high school diploma, you would be twotimes as more likely to be unemployed where as if youwould be a college graduateyou would have a smaller chance and have a higherpaying salary to live off of. Some advantages are being able to afford to pay for all your family's needs and your kids. You'll be able to buy a good house and be able to put food on the table. Plus, it is scientifically proven that familiesare happier when they have been educated. As a college graduate,you would make a bigger salary to support your kids. As a high school graduate, your salary wouldn't be as big and you might have trouble financially. As a student getting ready for college, expenses can be hard and that could limit your chances of going tocollege. You have to plan. These are the yearly costs of each aspect of college. An excuse of payingfor college is a common one, but there are other methods of paying. Scholarships and loans are ways to help pay for it. Thereare still other expenses, but you will have to pay the government back for any loans you use. Once you have payedfor college, you willstart making excessmoney from the jobthat you have possibly gottenAnd you will be ableto pay for family trips and you will have more family time. This is proven that families spend more time together and are happier together when theyhave a better salary and more money.
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