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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Ben Carson: A Man of God Due to the divorce Sonya Carson was left to raise two boys on her own. With only a third grade education, she only qualified for domestic jobs which did not pay well. She worked two to threejobs a day, and had little free time, but when she was free, Sonya would use that time to shower her kids with love. A Mother's Influence Ben was always at the bottom of the class. Sonya did not knowwhat to do since she had no friends to turn to, Sonya formed a very close relationship with God, she often prayed and asked for guidance. Sonya received a new method from god, she told Curtisand Ben "From now on, you boys can watch no more than threeprograms a week" and "you boys are going to read at least two books every week"(Carson 36). From then on their grades improved drastically and they began to love to read(Carson 36).Ben's thirst for learning increased and he started applying what he read to his school work. Ben Carsoner Ben and Sonya Carson Education After graduating high school and being ranked third in his class, he was offered a full scholorship to West Point but had the desire to pursue in medicine.Since Ben only had enough money to apply for one college. "[He] considered the matter from every possible angle" (Carson 73). He narrowed down his choices to Harvard and Yale. The choice was made when watching College Bowl, " the Yale students wiped the Harvard off the face of the map," He decided to apply to Yale. Yale Benjamin Carson was born on September 18, 1951in Detroit, Michigan. His mother Sonya, dropped out of school in the third grade and was married to a Baptist Minister named Robert Carson. For some time, they were a happy family, Robert showered his wife and children with gifts and attentionbut when Ben was eight years old their mother divorced their father because she found out that he had another family with another women he met longbefore Sonya A month after Ben sent his application, Yale accepted him to the fall of 1969. Not only did Yale accept him they also offered him a ninety percent academic scholarship. Butwithin the first couple weeks of being at Yale Ben learned that he no longer stood out, because he was constantly around other high achieving students. Ben started to fall behind in class because his studying methods were not sufficient. Before the final exam, he turned to God asking for help. When he went to bed the nightbefore the night of the exam, hehad a dream of a nebulous figuresolving chemistry problems. The next day when Ben opened his test booklet, to his astonishment, the exam problems were identical to the ones in his dream. When the final chemistry grades came out he scored 97 "right up there with the top of the class" (Carson 81). From then on, Ben never doubted that "the God who holds galaxies in his hands wanted him to become a doctor (Carson 80). Ben at Yale From his first year of college he learned thatGod had great plans for his life,and is walking on the path God chose for him, so he must always be prepared and ready.
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