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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 *Germans shortened amount of food*everybody given a ration book *started in Europe-September 3, 1939 *country that started catastrophe was Germany*two powers-the Axis and the Allies. The beggining of the war Hunger Issues Clara's War: One Girl's Story of Survival what the layout looked like in the bunker Clara, her father, and her sister Mania double click to change this header text! *2 SS, 6 trainmen, & 4 soldiers assigned to live w/ the Becks*made it harder for Jews Hitler: the man who started it all Hitler MURDERED 6 MILLION Jews60%2 out of every 3 Jews in Europe "...Julia Beck...had been our housekeeper...didn't see Julia as a maid; she was a helping hand...And now this Polish woman and her Volksdeutscher husband were saving our lives." *Clara's grandfather was taken*her mom bribed officials for info*peasant friend of Clara's family told them her grandfather in a local jail*Clara's family got ready for him to come home*he was shot & attacked by dogs *NKVD *released the real criminals *shot the Jews and released attack dogs on them *children of Clara's family & 2 other families dug for 2 weeks*created crawl space large enough to live in*Becks agreed to hide Clara's family & other 2 families*11 people hiding-children had to enlarge the area *everybody was only prepared for a couple of weeks-ran out of food & water *houses on 1 street were set on fire*authorities searched for Jews*if found, Jews were killed *the 3 families helped the Becks put out the fire & save their house*Mania, Clara's sister, was shot and killed *Russians bombed & shelled Nazis from July 21st-July 24th, 1944 *they entered Zolkiew; Nazis left*all 3 families survived! *Russians were very kind to Jews In the nonfiction novel Clara's War: One Girl's Story of Survival by Clara Kramer, Clara's family face extreme changes and difficulties when Hitler declared Jews unfit to live. Clara's grandfather was transported, by train, to concentration camps only to be shot and attacked by dogs--in a jail. This depressed Clara's family but also gave them a reason to survive the war. Soon after Clara's grandfather's death, a kind family, the Becks, agreed to hide Clara's family, the Melmans, and the Patrontasches. All four families endured hardships, becoming harder and harder to do their routines and "jobs." The four Jewish families got very lucky and survived the war, only a few people ended up dying. I chose this quote because it means that unlikely people, even strangers, will help you out in a tough situation. Whereas some people just step back and stay in the background, some courageous, kind people take a stand and help others, making their lives easier. *towns were postered w/ laws for Jews *not allowed to go to school or parks *walk on the street instead of sidewalks *wear armband with blue Jewish star *Mr. Beck had ongoing affair behind his wife's back*she found out & there was tension in the house by Clara Kramer
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