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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 DragonFans vs Rot & Ruin Ender's Game The False Prince Sage is plucked outof poverty to imperson-ate the King's long lostson. You just know thatsomething bad is goingto come of it! What if there was a prophesy that you would cause your truelove to die? Would youstill take your chances? Katsa can kill a manwith her bare hands,but she's tired of beingthe King's can she resist? Winter is coming, andwith it, dragons, dwarves,conniving, killing, and bloodthirsty wights from the North. Excellent! The Hunger Gamesis over & you need more dystopia? Meet Tris! (soon to be a movie) Zombie Infestation!Benny apprenticesto be a zombiehunter. Aliens have attacked the world-& Ender is the onlyhope they have left Are you looking for something new to read? If you're a diehard fan of either Fantasy or Science Fiction, here are some of the best reads currently out: Todd lives in aplace where peoplecan hear each other's thoughts -&he's sick of noise! Fantasy Fans:Secretly wish they were a wizard (or had a dragon.Or at least some magic,for crying out loud) SciFi Fans:Secretly wish thatthey had a robot (or were being chasedby zombies. Or aliens. Or.....well, you get the idea) ZombieFans Divergent Tom Ward works atan apprentice for a Spook, fighting evil.Movie coming out in January! Clary discovers she is a Shadowhunter,warriors who rid the world of demons. Chaos Walking Last Apprentice The Raven Boys Graceling Game of Thrones Mortal Instruments Imagine a future where LOVE is considered a virus,to be eradicated.How would youavoid beingvaccinated? Pandemonium Quarantine A deadly virus hits& a high school issealed with the kidsinside. It's not longbefore things turnugly! What do you think? Are you a Dragon Fanor a Zombie Fan? Whatever genre you like, come and check out our huge fiction section in the Library. You'll be glad you did!
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