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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 BNI e-Book project? Why the Why writean e-Book? To educate prospects/clients. To create a conversation. To gain credibility you have skills and talents to share. It becomes a High Profile business card (Yes, it can also be a printed version) Are you always saying the same thing again and again? Now, not only can you say it and show it, you can have it to speak on your behalf. Why do ittogether? "But I'm NOT a writer!" BNI is about connecting with people, so be as personable as possible. E-books should be written in a style that can speak to the reader - literally. Try to write the way you speakwhen you create e-Books. (This is not a college report!) If you can speak, you can write. HOW to do it? Write out 5 to 10 points/tips others find useful. What would you say to a homeowner about your area of expertise?What do you know that would be useful or helpful?Write just like you speak. Or have someone interview you, record it and have it transcribed. Provide content that is actionableand useful for them. USE IT How to Use book cover graphic in your websiteand printed materialEmail it to prospects/clients Reason to contact previous clients use it as a giftDownloadable from websiteOptional :Downloadable from 3rd partyOptional Print Versions: Use it like a WOW business card that will get noticed far more than a regular business card What is the next step they could take? 1. Smaller project individually than creating your own e-Book.2. Easier to refer others in BNI group because you have an information package to share. 3. Helping your prospects by sharing information outside of your area of expertise. 4. Saving on any print copies (volume discounts)5. You gain expert / celebrity status Top 5 Ready to Start! You are.. Your Next Step Not sure whatto write about... Comfortablespeaking butnot writing... Get someone to interviewyou and have your conversation recorded and transcribed. Consider what you naturallytalk to your clients about.What tip or informationwould be helpful? Outline your ideas. Start writing your draft!
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