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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 COULD YOUR BIGGEST STALKER BE IN YOUR POCKET? Mobile Application Privacy Issues HOW AWARE OF APPLICATION PERMISSION RULES ARE YOU? 17% of Mobile App Users lookedat permission before downloading app 42% of Mobile App users didn't look at permission before downloading app but was aware 42% of Mobile App users are unaware of permissions when downloading an app 97% of users don't understand how permission corresponds to the risks of an app "The set of permissions tells the user what features of the device the app will be accessing and what information the app will be collecting" BREAKDOWN OF APP PERMISSION BY CATEGORY Communication16.98 (in average number of permissions) Social14.3 Travel10.44 Tools10.44 Music8.70 Productivity9.68 Media & Video7.66 Health & Fitness7.46 Weather 7.32 Shopping7.40 Sports7.30 News7.16 Game6.9 Photography6.84 WORTH PAYING FOR APPS? Studies show that free apps have more risky permission behavior than paid WHAT PRIVACY CONCERNS SHOULD USERS BE AFRAID OF APPLICATION LAYER Apps with vulnerabilities and malicious code have access to your data and device sensors HARDWARE LAYER Attackers use memorycorruption defects in firmware to gain access to your device NETWORK LAYER OPERATING SYSTEM LAYER Information can be intercepted over the air throughMobile Wifi iPhone and Android jailbreaksexploit defects in yourphones operating system THEY HAVE "PERMISSION", NOW WHAT? By allowing mobile applications permission into your phone, your allowing them to: turn on your camera monitor, modify, or kill outgoing calls record images of your screen while you enter personal information monitor and view texts and pictures capture conversations in the roomwhen no calls are active WHERE DOES YOUR DATA GO? References 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Ad Networks Social Networking Analytic Frameworks Crash Reporting Cloud File Storage Location Tracking Access Contacts Access Calandar Single Sign-On Identify User-ID In-App Purchasing Ad Networks 1 & 2 3 &4 5. http// 6. 7.
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