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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 These Service: Digital and Mobile Reporting using Adobe Insights. Dash-boarding Technology: Xcelcius Service: Direct-Mail & Email Campaign Executions. DM & EM proof ValidationTechnology:UNICA Support The mobile usage has beenpredominantly increased in 2014 with ___ connected in the world Of Social Media 2014 Journey Interne t Mobil e Deepening Product Acquisition 53% Interne t Mobil e 53% The Usage across Internet (DOTCOM) also holds a goodhand with __ increase from2013 Channel Usage Variable Data Printing:Digital printing was made easierwith the introduction Of VDP which potentially huge cost saving forsending campaign Credit Card Process Optimization:32 process of credit card was optimisedfor regulatory Compliance Currently understanding and developinga Process for Social Media Marketing Servic e % of MSR Call Reduced Technolog y >Digital Marketing Consulting>Leveraging bigger groups like A&I, DESS, GCP and COIN TCS Analytics Journey with USAA in 2014 >Satistical Forecasting for Local Markets>Site Catalyst implementation>ADR initiatives for home Circle>Personalization Highlight s Initiative s 1. Site Catalyst Implementation & Goverance2. Tableau for Dashboaring3. Radian6 for Social Media Analytics4. Tealium for Tag Management People spend more time on social media browsing the internet for all types of information.Some key Facts on Social Media Marketin g Analytics Glimpse On 2013 Journey
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