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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Work Cited ~Innovatio n; ~Nationalit y; ~His area is significant because he aid in the development of of technology. Dr. carl kesselman is a professor of industrial and systems Engineering and a Fellowin the information science institute in the viterbi school of Engineeringat the university of South California.Thus the area he works in. He is originally fromGreece. Waldrop, M. Mitchell."grid computing: Ian Foster & Carl Kesselman. (10 Emerging Technologies)"Technology Review [Cambridge, Mass.] Feb. 2003: 41+ Biography in contex, Web. 20 jan.2015 Dr. Carl, together with professor Ian Foster invented the Grid computing technology which is used to support data analysis.This technology is the collection ofcomputer resources from multiple location to reach a common goal, Also it is a distribution system with non-interactive workloads that involvea large number of file.~~This innovation began in 1995.~The image bellow illustrateshow the Grid computingworks. Resources areshared between them. double click to change this title text! CARL KESSELMAN Carl Kesselman's has been applying his technology in heath care to look into details of a result to figureout information appropriate at a time, also known as evidence base medicine. ~This invention help physicians to make the best decision due to the best available information.~One of the negative impact, in connection with medical research, is how to manage a huge amount of information that is becoming available to new testing and measurementtechnique. ~Social Impact; ~Are a ~Significan ce; ~Innovation to other feild; This innovation is helpful in both the present and the forth-coming years. I am impresed in it. ~My oppion;
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