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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Josephine Baker by: Shamiya Greene ChildhoodFreda Josephine McDonald was born June03, 1906 in St.Louis, Missouri. Her motherCarrie McDonald worked as a domestic.Her father was a local musician andabandoned the family shortly after Josephine'sbirth. Her mother eventually married ArthurMartin when Baker was 5 and had two more children, Margaret and Willie Mae. Her family was poor and constantly moved. AdulthoodBaker had to find a job at the age of 8 to support her family. Her first employer was abusive and put her arm in pot of boiling water.Luckily her second employer treated her better.She ran away from home before she was 14.She found a job as a waitress and married herdiscarded husband, Willie Wells. She joined a streetband, James Family because she was attracted toshow business. Her group was shortly incorporated into the Dixie Hiers, a training show which featured Clara Smith. Baker dressed Smith and developeddancing skills. She also did comedy like moving around with her eyes crossed. She re-married to William Howard Baker and kept his last name. Achievments1. In 1926 she performed La Folie Juor in Pariswhich made her most famous and highest paid performer.2. Baker earned awards such as Croix de Guerr and Legion of Honour(military honors in France)3. In 1963 she participated in the March on Washington with MLK Quote'' Things we truly love stay with us always, locked in our hearts as long as life remains.'' Later LifeJosephine was invited to Paris by Caroline Dudley.She found a place on a show called, Chocolate Dandiesin 1924. When the show closed a year later she foundwok in a Plantation Club. She married Jean Lion a French industrialist and became a French citizen. AfterWorld War 2 she worked for Red Cross and French Resistance. She re-married to to a French orchestra leader named Jo Bobillon. She adopted 12 babies from differentraces and she would invite people to her house just so she could tell them different races can live together in harmony. Sources1. Notable Black American, GaleGroup.com2.
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