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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 87.9% of animal endangerment/habitat loss is caused by thegrowing human population. Major Kinds of Habitat Loss:Habitat Destruction- A bulldozer knocking down and ripping up trees is an example of Destruction.Habitat Fragmentation-Building highways, roads, or railroads througH species populated areas are an example of Fragmentation, along with building dams or water diversions in oceans or lakes. Habitat Degradation- Invasive species and pollution are examples of how habitats can no longer support wildlife. WHAT IS HABITAT LOSS? How Habitats Are Impacted: Agriculture- loss of many crops, turning of streams into drainage ditches, and runoffs of wastes into freshwaters.Shorelines-lose surface area and wildlife, increased exposure to lengths of energy waves, and animals on the bottom of the ocean are destroyed along with plants. There are many steps you can take to preserve habitats:The first step is to identify where habitats are and to move and populate around them,reserve their home while we build our own. Reduce and clean up polluted areas such as rivers, lakes,and reservoirs. When working on construction sites be aware of minerals draining into near by freshwater sources.Plant vegetation on your property to provide for near by animals and communities. Works Cited: cause: when humans convert wild habitatsto urban development, agriculture, or water projects they reduce the ability for wildlife to thrive. Habitat loss is one of the greatest threats to the variety of life on this planet. It is a main threat to nearly 85% of species in the IUCN's Red List
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