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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Rough endoplasmic reticulum The RER is generally a series of connected flattened sacs. It plays a central role in the synthesis and export of proteins and glycoproteins and is best studied in the secretory cells specialized in these functions.Found inboth animal and plant cells. Chloroplast Plant cells have chloroplasts because they make their own food.Chloroplast is one ofthe three types of plastids. The chloroplasts take part in theprocess of photosynthesis andit is of great biological importance. Smooth endoplasmic reticulumis an organelle found in both animal cells and plant cells.An organelle is a subunit within a cell that has a specialized function. CentriolesAll animal cells have two small organelles known as centrioles.In animal cells the centrioles play a major role in cell division but the plant cells have the ability to reproduce even without the centrioles. Cytoskeleton provides support and movementfor a cell and its organelles. made of a network of protein fibers,filaments, and tubules. They attach to special proteins onthe interior surface of the plasma membrane forming a semisolid region called a gel.found in both animal and plant cells. Cell wall Made of a tough substance called cellulose,which supports the cellFound in Plant cells only VacuolesAnimal cells have one or more small vacuoles whereas plant cells have one large central vacuole that can take up to 90% of cell volume.The structure of vacuoles is fairly simple. There is a membrane that surrounds a mass of fluid. In that fluid are nutrients or waste products. MitrochondriaProvides energy for the cellMitochondria are present in eukaryotic cells. Found in both animal cells and plant cells. Cell membraneControls what substances can get into and out of the cell.Found in Plant and animal cells NucleusControls what happens inside the cell.Carries genetic information.Found inPlant and animal cells Golgi ApparatusA series of flattened, membrane-bound sacsinvolved in the storage.modification and secretionof proteins and lipids destined to leave the cell and for use within the cell . Found in allplant and animal cells Ribosome is a large and complex molecular machine,found within all living cells, that serves as the site of biological protein synthesisFound in both Organelle organizer Chasha 7Mind 6
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